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Privacy Policy

In order to protect the confidentiality of the privacy and communication guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Korea , HLB Power (hereinafter "HLB") has abided by the regulations to protect privacy and "Personal Information Protection Regulations" Guidelines' stablished by Ministry of Information and Communiction. However, in order to protect against the threat to personal privacy that may be caused by illegal acts of some immoral people, and to actively protect the personal information of members, we apply the following privacy policy. HLB's privacy policy is open to all pages and we welcome your questions.

1. Collecting personal information

1-1. Purpose and Use of Personal Information collection HLB collects personal information to provide you with a wide variety of personalized services tailored to your identity and individual characteristics. Personal information collected for this purpose will be used for fast and accurate delivery according to purchase contracts and overall statistical data to provide high-quality services according to individual members' preferences.

1-2. Scope of collecting personal information HLB collects only the minimum amount of personal information necessary for the establishment and execution of the service contract, and the personal information that may significantly infringe on the basic human rights of the user, such as other religions, hometowns, criminal records, health status will not be collected without approval of user.

1-3. Personal information items and collection methods For most users, most services is available without exposure of personal information. However, if you make a purchase through Party B, the name, phone number, address, postal code and e-mail address required for delivery and verification will be provided. If you are a member, your an optional address, postal code, or telephone number for the purpose of sending prizes or souvenirs will be provided selectively. You can also receive additional optional services if you choose optional items not required. In addition, when participating in various promotional events such as various quizzes, sweepstakes events and contest exhibit held by users or partners, we will receive personal information if it is necessary to disclose the information for posting on the bulletin board. However it requires your approval again. HLB does not use your personal information for any purpose other than relevant purpose.

1-4. User consent procedures and exceptions When HLB collect personal information, it requires a user consent process, such as getting the user's signature, electronic signature, e-mail, and clicking on the agreement. But the following cases are exceptions. ① If there are special regulations in the Act on the Promotion of Information Network Usage etc. or other laws and regulations ② When necessary for the fulfillment of service use contract ③ When necessary for settlement of fees for service provision

1-5. Consignment processing of personal information If HLB consigns personal information processing to an outside party, the user's consent shall be obtained. At that time, it clearly specify the service provider's personal information protection order, the confidentiality of personal information, the prohibition of third party provision, and the responsibility at the time of accident and keep the contents of contract as record.

2. Privacy management

2-1. HLB's Personal Info Manager Name: Deputy Manager Suk-gwan Hong Phone: 032-580-7368 Fax: 032-580-7398 E-mail: admin@hlbpower.co.kr HLB restricts the use of the personal information of the user to the minimum number of persons and never ask the user's password by phone or e-mail. 2-2. Providing personal information to third parties

2-2. HLB will not use your personal information without your permission or provide it to a third party. However, the following cases are exceptions. ① If there are special provisions in the Act on Financial Real Name Transaction and Confidentiality Guarantee, Act on Use and Protection of Credit Information, Telecommunications Business Act, Local Tax Law, Consumer Protection Act, Bank of Korea Act, Criminal Procedure Act and other related laws and regulations(We notify that in this case, each user will be informed and consent is requested to the individual, and each user is entitled to reject the use or provision beyond notice or the specified range of the third party.) ② When necessary for the settlement of fees for the provision of services ③ When it is necessary for statistical writing, academic research, or market research ④ When you get the user's consent for an affiliate partner who has been affiliated with the business or an information provider who provides information through additional services ⑤ When there is need to identify or contact anyone who violates the Terms of Use, or damage other people intentionally or otherwise. ⑥ When the permission from the user has been obtained to improve the quality of other services

2-3. Period of retention and use of personal information For the personal information of the user held by HLB, it is from the time the user subscribes to the membership to the time of the termination. The period of use is the same as the period of retention, but if the purpose of collection is achieved, the personal information will be destroyed even before it. This also applies to third parties to which it is legally provided by HLB. However, the following cases shall be excluded. ① If there is a need to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Act, etc. ② If the user is notified in advance of the period of retention and the retention period is not over ③ If the user consent is obtained individually

2-4. Personal information protection measures HLB's user information is protected by a user ID and a systematically encrypted password. Therefore, only the user can manage user information. The only way to access personal information is by logging using the member's ID and password. Because there is no way to ask for the member's password through e-mail or telephone, for security reasons, please change your password frequently. Information changes are processed systematically so that only the person himself can edit the information after confirming the identity. Passwords are stored systematically encrypted. However, since data transmission over the Internet is not 100% secure, we can not guarantee complete privacy for your personal information exposed through bulletin boards and mailing. Please make sure to log out after using it. If you share your computer or use your computer in a public place, make sure to close the window of your web browser after using it to prevent leakage of personal information.

2-5. Management measures In order to protect the personal information of the user, HLB provides the necessary education to the related staff and does not disclose or provide the personal information obtained during duty to the other person by designating the user of the system that processes personal information. In addition, appropriate procedures are established and operated to audit the implementation of the policy and the compliance with the related personnel, and if there is a violation, we correct and improve it and do our best to take necessary action.

3. User Management

3-1. Privacy You may withdraw your consent by entering your ID and password even after you have agreed with collecting your personal information. If so, HLB will take any necessary action after checking your identity.

3-2. Viewing and Correcting Personal Information When you want to view or correct your personal information, you can access the homepage, enter his / her user ID and password, and request your personal information to be viewed and corrected. In this case, HLB will also notify the user after corrective action has been taken.

3-3. Complaint Processing We will always resolve your dissatisfaction with your personal information regarding your use of the service. Please send your complaint to the following e-mail address. Internet mail address for member complaint: admin@hlbpower.co.kr

3-4. Dispute settlement If you have any dispute concerning personal information, you can request the dispute settlement committee of the Korea Information Security Center to resolve the dispute quickly and effectively. - Privacy Violation Report Center URL: www.privacy.kisa.or.kr Link: go Home - Personal Information Infringement Report Center Tel: 118 (ARS Extension 2) This Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time in accordance with the changes in the relevant laws and guidelines of the government and the policy changes. Please visit regularly to check changes. If you have any questions about the changes, please contact the personal information manager (admin@hlbpower.co.kr) at any time.