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SOx Scrubber Damper

SOx Scrubber Damper
Shipbuilders are moving to install SOx scrubbers as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is about a year and a half away, which limits ship sulfur oxide emission standards from 3.5 percent to 0.5 percent starting in 2020.In line with this move, HLB Power completed the design and delivery of the first domestic SOx scrubber installed in the shipbuilding industry through the HLB power plant damper Know-how, rather than product production that introduced overseas technology. In early January 2018, the company delivered the most Sox Scrubber Damper, and it has won orders for more than 100 SOx Scrubber Damper. HLB Power has been steadily preparing for the upcoming IMO sulfur oxides regulation in 2020 and is making new sales through the shipbuilding SOx scrubber dampers. 

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