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The GE-WavePro LT busway system is a flexible and reliable distribution system that provides high performance even in complex structures. The system has low temperature rise due to effective heat dissipation, is robust with low voltage enhancement and stable mechanical structure, has high electric efficiency and is easy to install.
D.C and A.C three-phase, three-phase, four-phase, three-phase and five-phase power supply and distribution systems and 50-60 (HZ) frequency, operating voltage is less than 1000 (V). 6300 (A) Choice for commercial and industrial distribution systems. It is the most reliable system when considering customer requirements during installation.
The GE-WavePro LT busway system provides an internal 100% or 200% N-phase busbar that meets the needs of diverse power systems to reduce harmonic effects when installed in non-linear loads. Housing is made of low magnetic material (aluminum) and does not cause hysteresis loss in power distribution systems
The GE-WavePro LT busway, which distributes and distributes large currents, is widely used in industrial plants and is widely used in general buildings, hospitals, power plants and data centers.
In addition to GE-WavePro LT, we also provide total solutiong of busway with mass production system of 24KV high voltage busway and small capacity mini busway (200 ~ 400A).

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